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Vintage Guitar Pro is the online source for the vintage guitar enthusiast offering online guitar appraisals, vintage guitar articles and information, guitar gallery, and a vintage guitar serial number database.

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Welcome to Vintage Guitar Pro!

Vintage Guitar Appraisal - Our Specialty

"It is our goal and our promise to provide the most accurate, honest and universally accepted appraisals available."

Vintage Guitars Appraisals Whether you need to protect your investment with an insurance appraisal, want to make sure you get a fair price when selling or buying an instrument, or just want to know what you have and what it's worth, Vintage Guitar Pro has an appraisal to meet your needs!

Why Choose Us?

Vintage Guitars Appraisals 30 Years in the vintage guitar business.
We Know vintage guitars.
We Love vintage guitars.
We Stand By our appraisals.
Appraisals are All We Do.

We don't have a shop and we don't buy or sell instruments, so we are in the unique position among vintage guitar experts to give you a true and accurate appraisal. No low-balling in hopes of buying from you and no inflated values to drive up the prices of our inventory--we have no inventory!

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Vintage Guitar Serial Number Database

Serial Number Database Always a work in progress! When trying to date your guitar, the serial number is often the key. If you don't find what you need here, feel free to send us an email!

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Vintage Guitars - Articles and Information

Silvertone Vintage Guitar While we love Fender and Gibson guitars, we're covering more than just the biggies...some that deserve a lot more attention than they get... and a few that probably don't...

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Vintage Guitar Gallery

Stromberg Vintage Guitars Enjoy the vintage guitar picture gallery we have put together--Just for fun! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. More pictures are coming soon!

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