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Danelectro Vintage Guitars

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Long before the creation of the Danelectro guitar came about, its founder, Nathan Daniel, was working for Epiphone guitars. He was known to create the amplifiers for the guitars that the company produced. In 1947, Nathan Daniel created his own line of amps, and began to sell them to Montgomery Ward. A year later, the Danelectro company grew, and he began to sell to Sears and Roebuck as well.

By 1954, Nathan created guitars for Sears. These guitars were sold under the name of Silvertone. He did not sell strictly to Sears, however. He also sold his guitars under the company name, Danelectro, to other companies as well.

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The Danelectro guitar became popular for its solid Poplar wood construction. Individuals that purchased the guitar appreciated the all wood body. The Danelectro guitars also made a name for themselves with their pickups. The guitars were equipped with either one or two pickups, which were hidden beneath a baked melamine pickguard. Since other guitars had parallel pickups, the two pickup combination made the vintage Danelectro guitar very much desired.

1956 brought many changes to the now vintage Danelectro guitar. The popular "Lipstick tube" pickups were being used, as well as vinyl covering the unpainted wood frame. Although the pickups are the same as always, they were now mounted into cutouts on the body. This type of format was used for the rest of the Danelectro guitars that were produced.

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Three years after selling the Danelectro company to MCA, MCA ended up closing down the Danelectro manufacturing plant. The reign of the very popular Danelectro guitars finally came to an end in the early 1970s. Famous musicians such as Eric Clapton and The Who all used Danelectro guitars. Although the production of the Danelectro guitars stopped, they have remained an integral part of their time. Danelectro guitars make great additions to a vintage guitar collection.
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