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Kay Kraft Venetian Vintage Guitars

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During the roaring 20s and 30s, music was making a profound impact everywhere. New forms of music were being created, and people were really enjoying what they were hearing. Just like new music that was coming out were new guitars. Kay Kraft Guitars was a fine line of guitars brought to this musical era.

The Kay Kraft guitars were introduced to the music scene in 1931. The president of the Stromberg-Voisinet Company, Henry Kehrmeyer, lent his middle name, Kay for the title given to the new line of guitars. At the time, there were three guitars that were produced. These guitars ranged in price from $25.00 to $45.00. It should be noted that in 1937, the Stromberg-Voisinet Company changed their name to Kay Musical Instruments. This may help vintage guitar dealers when looking for the vintage Kay Kraft Guitars.

The three vintage Kay Kraft guitars that were offered were made from maple, rosewood and mahogany backs and sides. Collectors of the vintage Kay Kraft guitar will notice that the mahogany version of the guitar is readily available. The rosewood style of the guitar known as the most sought after, and there are only a few of the maple Kay Kraft vintage guitars still around.

The vintage Kay Kraft guitar is known for its double point venetian body structure. This style of the guitar body had a very modern deco look for its time, creating a buzz for guitar enthusiasts. While most of the decal on the guitars showed gold leaves with vines, and two Indian heads, there were a few that were created with a deco design. This was another sign of the influence that the era had on the guitar design.

Owning an original Kay Kraft truly is owning a piece of history.
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