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Vega Vintage Guitars

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Creating music nowadays seems almost impossible without a guitar. For over a century, the Vega guitar has helped people create beautiful music around the world. In 1903, the idea for the Vega guitar was first originated. Two Swedish brothers, Julius and Carl Nelson created the Vega guitar. The name for the guitar came from the brightest star in a constellation. Originally a banjo company, the Nelson brothers shifted their focus on the creation of the banjo to a guitar post the Great Depression era.

In 1933, the first Vega guitar was introduced to the market. A high quality guitar for its time, the guitar consisted of a hand carved top, and a steel-reinforced neck. A new sensation was created in music with the Electrovox electric guitar, which was the second guitar presented in assembly in 1936. Nearly a decade later, the Vega guitar company created much competition with other guitar companies with the creation of two more guitars; the Duo-Tron and Supertron. Both the Duo-Tron and Super-Tron guitars housed mounted controls and output jacks, proving that Vega guitars were ahead in the game.

Many jazz, folk, and blues musicians appreciated the now vintage Vega guitar. The guitar offered features that no other guitar offered on the market at that time. With volume and tone knobs, as well as other futuristic features, owning the Vega guitar was definitely making a name for oneself.

Musicians young and old appreciate the value of a vintage guitar. Make no mistake about it, the Vega guitar falls into this category. For any guitar collector, the Vega guitar makes an excellent addition for any collection. With its distinctive sounds and sophisticated style, the Vega guitar is one that cannot be beat. They are not only eye appealing, but will make a great collectible vintage guitar for many more years to come.
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